Please arrive promptly at your scheduled start time. If you have booked the entire room, and your party is late, you will only have until the end of your scheduled hour to try and escape the room. Players arriving ten minutes or more past their start time (time reserved) will be denied entry. This will be considered a cancellation/no show and no refunds will be given. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Please remember that if you do not book an entire room, there is a strong possibility you will be playing with strangers. (But don't worry, they won't be strangers for long) If the thought of playing with strangers does not appeal to you, make sure you book the entire room.

Groups with players under the age of 6 must book the entire room.

Please read our FAQ section before booking!

The Legend of Captain Antonio can hold up to 6 players

The Medieval Quest can hold up to 8 players

Nana's Living Room can hold up to 8 players (Not recommended for first time players)



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