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The Legend of Captain Antonio

Legend has it the infamous Captain Antonio had a map to the fountain of youth. Dr. Henry Jones has given you clues to recover it, but there are others on the hunt. Can you find it before they do?



Difficulty: Intermediate Players




*Max=6                 No exceptions

The Medieval Quest

Join the Knights of the Round Table on their journey to find the Holy Grail. Merlin only gave you one hour; can you find it in time?




Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate Players


*Max=8                 No exceptions

Nana's Living Room        

Nana has asked for your help on a project, but she won't give you the details. You've decided to help her anyway, but you've got to make it quick!




Difficulty: Advanced Players



*Max= 8                No exceptions

              The   Author

There's a house in your neighborhood that's been abandoned for years and is about to be torn down. Rumor has it a famous author lived, and vanished there, leaving behind his final manuscript. Can you save it before the house is demolished?

Difficulty: Not Enough Data



*Max= 4                 No exceptions

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